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Sheryl Bailey
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SHERYL BAILEY / A Meeting of Minds: This guitar led, organ trio nails it so hard you won't believe the effortless enjoyment flowing from it your first time through. Honed by this crew playing these tunes live over the last year, the swing, the flow and the vibe all conspire to knock you out. A sweet killer of a date where everyone is so in the pocket that it's almost scary, you can't help but come away from this a full blooded Bailey fan. Top shelf all the way.

Chris Spector - Midwest Record

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Also, now available from The NYC Jazz Guitar Summit This is a great sampling of lessons and interviews with many of the great contemporary players on the scene today, of which I was honored to be a part of! Of course, my other latest hits are also there:
50 Essential Bebop Licks You Must Know and of course my Bebop Dojo: Essentials

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