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First off, thanks to all who voted me a "Rising Star" for this year's Downbeat Critic's Poll. I'm truly honored to be included with so many other great guitarists!

My new acoustic project with bass master, Harvie S is now available here, and via
I'm excited about the rave review

Check out my merch page here to get an official Plucky Strum T-shirt and check out the special pricing for CD's and T's! Also available are the new "A Meeting Of Minds" tour t-shirts - combine it with a CD purchase for a great price!

I'm excited to return to the UK in October! If you're interested in a private lesson while I'm in London, make sure to send me an email here so we can arrange a time. The dates are on my calendar here as well, so I do hope you'll be able to stop by and say hello!

Look for my new "Bebop Etudes" course that is coming soon from
Ten solos on some of the essential chord progressions all jazzers need to know. I had a blast preparing the music and working with the Truefire team to produce this session, that I'm sure you'll dig!

Peace out:

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