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Happy 2015! There are a lot of events that I'm really looking forward to! One is the debut release of my all acoustic project with bass master, Harvie S: "Plucky Strum" It will be available in April via the fantastic Whaling City Sound label: and of course, you'll be able to download and purchase CD's here at

This is my first all acoustic project - featuring a gorgeous guitar built for me by Dana Bourgeois: Harvie and I composed music for this release, 10 tunes in total: blues, ballads, swing, folk - there's something for everyone on this recording, and I know it will be the top of your listening list soon!

The other BIG news for 2015 is The Sheryl Bailey 3's debut in Hong Kong and China in April/May. We are so excited to bring the swing and groove to Asia on this trip! Please check my itinerary page for details as they develop. I will also be stopping by Japan to tour with my long time co-hort of swing, drummer Shingo Okudaira. Look for us on tour May 16-26!

Thanks for stopping by! Please take a moment to check out my store here! You can purchase any of my music via iTunes, but if you purchase directly via my webpage here, your purchase really has more impact on helping support my future projects, and it is very much appreciated!!

Peace out:

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